Monday, August 04, 2008

The Montreal Rolex race was really really good! I have recorded at Mom and Dad's place if anyone wants to see it. It had a little of everything. The one thing this race series seems to always have is great racing. The cars may be dinosaurs compared to ALMS, but they always provide excitment. I have stated to Paul my disappointment in Max "the Ax"'s driving skill over the last couple of years. For all the hype (fancy nickname) He doesn't seem to deliver. Valiente is the better driver in that car right now.
The Howard-Childress #4 car is on the entry list for the Glen.
The Nationwide race at Montreal was a disaster. I was really looking forward to this race after last years. Nascar did not handle the situation well (again). I was glad to see Ron Fellows win though, the whole Canadian thing and all.
If Nascar was anticipating running in the rain (they had teams mount up rain tires to be ready). Why not have the cars start the race with the wipers, defroster and rear safety light already mounted. At least this way the teams would have been able to make sure they were put on well and worked. Instead of putting them on in a down pour during a "3 minute" pit stop (actual Nascar time 20 minutes). The could have come in put rain tires on and been back out in the usual 15-30 seconds.
I don't think they will try this on grand national/winston/nextel/sprint cup cars at the Glen if it rains. I think Nascar will stop the race and wait for the track to dry.
Did I mention the Montreal Rolex race was awesome!

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