Friday, August 29, 2008

MTI forgot to raise money this summer so I got laid off with a bunch of other people. If anyone needs an engineer I've got some free time now.

Cornelia's turkeys.
Forgot to post pictures of Oliver on his way to the big Nascar race at Adirondack Speedway.

And enjoying the race,

with a hamburger. The Flying Lizard shirt makes it Okay for him to be at a Nascar sanctioned event, neutralizing an acid with a base.

Peter and Donnie and their Hollyhocks. She was talking about wanting them all last summer and now she has them and they are big and have lots of flowers.

We are getting married on the landing of the steps.
Some beds at Covewood.

Rehearsal dinner will follow the rehersal at 6PM. It will include pizza and wings at the lodge provided by Screamin' Eagle (following Peter and Donnie's taste test). That way if anyone is coming in later they can stop in and heat up leftovers.

Huge ALMS news this weekend and probably more at Petit. Corsa running a Zytek LMP1 hybrid starting at Petit and continuing in 2009 in ALMS. Acura running 2 LMP1 cars with deFerran and Highcroft. Fernandez continues in LMP2 and Andretti goes back whining to the IRL.


Noah said...

you forgot the Penske driver change.

Donnie said...

Taste test scheduled for sunday evening with Terry and Diane.