Friday, September 25, 2009

Yay Road Atlanta. Lots of people camping everywhere there was a patch of ground not on a 45 degree angle. But they are all way calmer and more normal than Sebring. A very Lime Rock type crowd (unlike mid-ohio was). The only downfall was it was real hot, sunny and humid and everything is uphill both ways.

First race, ancient Integra Touring car.

Highcroft racing at about 11:00 AM (2 hours into the build of a complete car from the ground of after Scott Sharp threw the thing away on Wednesday) The tub was flown in from HPD in CA this morning. The earliest the expected to be done is 1:00 AM Saturday.

Ben Devlin talking about the Mazda.
It's too easy, spikey haired Risi guy.

The Drayson racing cars looks awesome.
I agree.

The REAL GT2 Corvette, not the (lou's words) bailout motors racing team. He was real excited to be there and was real excited to have his car start on the front row.
There it is, not racing, it ran a couple demo laps today. Saw baldy infecting the paddock.It does exist.



LG and Lizard

According to RLM the Peugeot is a lot louder for this race suggesting they less restrictive particulate filters and they saw soot coming out of the car for the first time. It was noticeably louder than the R15.
SWC GT race from the bottom of the esses on the spectator mound. Tony Rivera finished 4th after finally passing Boris Said. Said pushed him in the dirt every other lap he tried to get by. At the end of the race he said that he lost a childhood idol today.

Star Mazda

Cyndy captured some of the highlights away from the track.
This guy.

This guy (or girl, or both? I don't know how they work)

On our way to Sonny's BBQ (had Chick Filet at the track for lunch), Sonny's didn't catch on fire, but memorable none the less. The sign says "SOUTHEASTERN LLAMA CHAMPIONCHIP SEP 26&27" We could see them in the arena and it sure did smell like llama chips.

It looks like tomorrow we are changing heat with rain.

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