Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cyndy going.

Hendrick Museo

Dinner at Ikea (waffle house lunch)


Cyndy supporting Dyson Racing (bio-butanol didn't seem to be available)

Greenville SC


Katherine said...

Hi Paul and Cyndy. We visited Cornelia today and she's been busy...two mice. She welcomed us at the door and we were so excited to see her, she headed right down the hall. She made another appearance before we left but it was again brief. So she's warming up to us.

Paul said...

Thank you so much for watching Cornelia while we are away. I had to read your comment twice...Cornelia has never caught a mouse for us before! She must really like you :) We are glad to hear that she came out for you...maybe she'll let you pet her soon.

* Cyndy