Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Despite the hurricane watch, most everyone came to work today even though it was optional.

On Friday night our company sponsored the Florida ASCE section meeting. Here we are at the happy hour portion of the event (which Chris called during) with a coworker.

And attempting to recreate a beer advertisement, looking like we are having fun.

Last Wednesday I showed Emily the American pastime of bowling, mind the flag to emphasis this.

And Saturday hanging out with my company vice president.

This weekend will have Grand Am Rolex on Saturday and ALMS on Sunday, both on SPEED Channel.


Brownsey Family said...

Champ Car from Montreal will be shown next wed (9/6) at noon, followed by Atlantics at two. Mom says you should get out of your hi-rise apartment because it could fall down.


Brownsey Family said...

When you and Emily visit Maine she can try candle pin bowling. I can't believe you have two days off from work. But please stay safe anyway.


Brownsey Family said...

Candle Pin bowling? That's Unamerican.