Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update on Cristiano from his brother:

Gustavo da Matta - Neenah / Winsconsin @ 29.08 @ 13:56
Once again I would like to thank everyone's support. After what happened yesterday, I have the courage and the pleasure to say that Cristiano woke up. Since then, he was sleeping the whole day, and he used to open his eyes three times a day and only for 1 minute. Yesterday he was amanzingly awake. We tried to interact with him, and he was trying to say something so hard. We called the nurse and she colsed the trakeotomy so he could speak. He tried but he didn't. So we explained what happened to him and asked him if he understood, and he said yes with his head. We asked him if he remember and he said no. He was trying to speak so bad, so we handle him a piece of paper and a pen, he started to write some things but we couldn't figure out what it was. We gave him a lip stick and he helped himself naturally, and we gave him his mobile and he opened it, and changed things on the menu. We also helped him as he stood up and walked with very short steps till the window. Then he felt tired and went to sleep after a while. Today he woke up, did the physical therapy, walking with the nurses help around the room. Then we realized that he wanted to speak and we asked the nurse to close the trake. He tried to talk, and after three minutes the nurse showed him his picture at the podium and asked him who was that, and he says, "it could be me". He also recognized our parents. Very confused, he asked what's going on, why he was there. We explained and he asked some more questions, all in english. I showed him the guitar and asked him if he wants to play, he said yes, and as I handle it to him he started to do some chords, not very tight but I was very impressed. He played for over 10 minutes and as he couldn't "really" play, he asked me if I remember something, showing the he was frustrated that he wasn't playing the way he should. Then he felt tired and went to sleep. He is doing well, he got no infections and he is able to breath on his own, but they will keep the trake till the next surgery in case he needs that. He's been walking once a day with the nurses help and the surgery migth be on friday. Keep on praying cause he have to go through one more surgery, but now we have the strongest one with us in battle, him. thanks very much!


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