Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here we have Emily and I at a wine tasting event held at one of the local liquor stores. Nobody needs to assume anything because everyone has my phone number down here, it has not changed. Therefore I am always available to give out primary information without confusion. The blog does not have to be the only source for news and information.

Sunday was another good Champ Car race, next race we should expect Nelson Philippe to go after Paul Tracy with his helmet on so that all the French speakers in the series can get a chance to embarrass themselves.


Brownsey Family said...

If Paul Tracy was on "probation" after the Tagliani incident why hasn't there been any penalties for the Bourdais incident.

Brownsey Family said...

They have two weeks to decide that, but the on-track move was more of a racing incident than San Jose.

Brownsey Family said...

This isn't Grand Am you are allowed to race for position without getting a penalty. Drivers should be encouraged to race for position on the last lap of a race, that is why we watch. It would not have been as entertaining had it happened on the first lap. Also, Bourdais is the driver who ran across the live track to push Paul Tracy, he should be the one receiveing a penalty. Bourdais knew PT was on probation and couldn't fight back, otherwise he woudl not have touched him. I've heard the PT is having a meeting with Champ Car to discuss the 'racial slur' he said after the race.