Monday, December 18, 2006

2 Big Stories:

Minardi buys a big chunk of CTE Racing-HVM. CTE will stay on board with the team and the team will be know as Minardi Team USA. They still haven't said anything about who or how many they are running, hopefully, Nelson, Clarke, plus one. There are 111 days until Las Vegas.

Even bigger news, Dyson Racing will be running 2 Porsche RS Spyders next year in P2... no more Lola's. That makes 2 Penske +2 Dyson + Van der Steur + AGR + Fernandez + Highcroft + Intersport = 9 P2 cars. All of them running excellent equipment, that will be very exciting. It also sounds like GT2 will be exactly the same next year.

Acura on track at Sebring (check
The IRL is trying to add a street race in Biloxi, Missouri to the end of their 07 schedule. Larry Cahill is running that effort and he also plans on starting a two car team for the 07 season. He has already signed Milka Duno to run that car. The IRL needs to add a team to replace Fernandez who closed up.


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