Monday, December 18, 2006

Cub Cadet 528. 28"wide, 10hp tecumseh, headlight, electric start, and zero turn power steering. Bought it today at Tractor Supply. It was $100 less than last week when I went to look at it. I saw Mel Burger at Tractor Supply. Mom and Dad are invited to his house for a new years party.
If no Dyson P1 cars and Highcroft is running P2 Acuras then Who is competing against Audi? They will have no competition if the P2 cars are required to be slower than P1.
The team RealTime Honda is out of commision for a little bit. Hopefully it will be back soon.


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Brownsey Family said...

The snowblower is a sign that a minivan is on the horizon.
Also note worthy is that Lucus Luhr and Mike Rockenfeller are going to drive for Audi. Luhr had a quote saying he was excited to now have the opportunity to go for the overall win. He already had that driving the Porsche Spyder.


Brownsey Family said...

It's going to be amusing to see how badly Penske beats the bums at Dyson. At least in P1 Dyson had an excuse. Oh well, still like them best... next to Van der Steur.

Luhr and Rockenfeller are driving for DTM with some R10 driving... don't know what sereis or to what extent... probably Sebring and Lemans.

The 24 Hour Entry list is up.