Monday, December 04, 2006

A little jealous of the Christmas Train, looked like fun.

The Christmas Hut looks fantastic in the snow!

A year ago it looked like Panther racing was finished but today it is far from it... thanks to Fernandez closing up. Meira's car has picked Delphi Sponsorship and the team picked up a fully funded second car with Panasonic and Matsuura from Fernandez. Here are some pictures from Panther's shop:

According to IRL pres. Brian Barnhart, despite the fact that as of today IRL has 16 cars it will have 20-21 at Homestead in March. One entry possible coming from a new team with Milka Duno and Citgo. I still say 18 with the two cars coming from Vision and Foyt.

The IRL is testing mufflers...

Rahal and Bourdais tested at Sebring last week with Rahal putting in faster times than Bourdais.

Next week Forsyth will test Atlantic Champ Si Pag, Adam Carroll and IPS champ Jay Howard. This will be the last test for the Lola which will have a testing ban starting the 15th.

Expect 4 Frenchmen next year, Seabass, Noah's favorite: Nelson, Si Pag, and Alex Premat(who was really fast with Conquest last week). Cyndy says Nelson doesn't count as French.

Gelles racing seems dead and Stoddart has been too quite recently for that to seem like a reality. So that puts todays count at 20 cars. With Forsyth possible running three cars, they have tested or talked to 10 drivers for the seat along side PT: Rice, Wirth, Martinez, N. Phillipe, R. Phillipe, Wilson, Howard, Si Pag, Carroll, Lawson Aschenbach(Speed GT).

Neel Jani is a go at PKV with Red Bull money. Next week they are testing a 2005 GP2 driver from Monaco named Clivio, first name. Which leaves Oriol (who will hopefully find something) and Katherine (who is guaranteed a seat somewhere by KK) without rides.

Claire Bourdais had Emma Bourdais on Saturday... I guess I'm out of news.



Brownsey Family said...

Tell Cyndy that Nelson is all French. He represents his country well.


Brownsey Family said...

No, Seabass is much more French than Nelson.