Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yay Birthday.

Christmas yup... Phil, I hope you like Goat Head.

Finally found a good cheap butcher in Cambridge, very exciting. Had some leg of lamb this week very good. Just slid by the Indian store and picked up some stuff to Indianize the leftovers. Turns out a leg of lamb is more than enough for two people?

Also had huge chunk of roast beef and shredded the leftovers for bean,rice beef tortilla thing with massive assault from my spice arsenal.

I think my plan is drive in for grandma's on Christmas Eve, then Christmas at Noahs and later drive back to Worcester and get Cyndy (and Tim?) and get a ride to camp with someone the day after Christmas. Me and Cyndy with Mom and Dad and if Cameron and Oliver are going too, Tim can sit between them.

The Office is starting at 8PM on thursday, 1 hour long.

Delivery for the Champ Car Panozes (Panozi?) will be 12/22. It turns out that they will have the same weight as the Lolas. Also, all races will be timed 1 hour 45 minutes next year. No wind tunnel testing, only Panoz parts allowed, shaker rig testing allowed. Max 600 miles of testing. Carl Haas is the official distributor for Panoz parts. Some standing starts.

I'm sure all this will be on speed or champ cars site tomorrow, but I'm posting it now.

Visa is title sponsor for both Las Vegas and Phoenix.

The two European races are still coming... Assen and ???

Stoddart is still interested in running two cars next year. There are now 20! confirmed cars with a possibility according to CC Pres. of 4 more cars(including Stoddart).

Seabass is testing with Toro Rosso this week at Jerez.

Marco is testing with Honda.

Red Bull is sponsoring two Forsythe Atlantic cars... a little odd considering the AJA thing.

No news out of the IRL.

Dad... Start DVRing anything on speed that is German Touring car, British Touring car, FIA GT or A1GP.

Good Enough,


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Brownsey Family said...

I lied about there being no IRL news.

Cabbie Motorsports plan on fielding an entry for Indy next season. Cabbie motorsports is named after it's figure head, Cabbie, formerly of Howard Stern, formerly in prison for one year after admitting to tax evasion on the radio, currently not a great figure head for anything.

They haven't released press release yet, so they are not as far along as Yellow Ribbon Racing was.