Thursday, April 10, 2008

I used google analytics to track the blob for the past month. According to google 6% of our traffic came from search engines. Here are a few of the search terms people used that unfortunately for them, sent them come here.

  • Claire Bourdais (most popular)
  • bombardier snowcoach
  • exploratorium is moving
  • kenny siewick racing
  • peterson white light
  • spitzer threatened me
  • bio diesel radical sr10
  • chicken car tommy kendall pics
  • chris cheever san antonio german club
  • cyndy forsythe
  • falken rt-625
  • emma bourdais
  • jim buhrmaster rumors
  • le creuset
  • oriol servia dali helmet
  • sebring race pictures naked
  • tulip festival silverston or
  • spitzer shirts
If anyone other than mother wants to go to graduation I have three tickets. Friday May 2 early.
This guy is talking: Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Cox

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JSmith5780 said...

Paul- an early congrats on your graduation.