Monday, April 21, 2008

So Danica shows up in the TV booth at Long beach, and that closed the book on Champ Car. The broadcasters officially stopped covering the race. I'm sure the IRL is already planning some big advertising blitz based on Lord of the Rings race winner. Too bad about Justin Wilson breaking, I was hoping he would get the points for the IRL season. Also disappointed that Paul Tracy didn't have a big race. Hopefully he will have a ride for Indy and beyond.
The Track in Mexico Autodromo three amigos is a good track layout, always has good races "just want to say hi to family at home". Both the Rolex race and Busch races were good.
Lord of the Rings was poop. cars are poop compared to the champ car. The Panoz cars are so much more exciting to watch, the Dallara looks old.
Glad to see Highcroft win. Acura needs some wins to justify the effort. Looks like they will compete well with the RS Spyder this year. Nice to see good competition. The ALMS announcers took a rather mean shot at Risi's pit crew, ouch! Blue, blonde, black, green haired guy might get be upset. Looks like a good chance for 30+ cars at Miller with some new cars and old repaired ones.
The black Integra has risen from the basement. It drove out under its' own power saturday afternoon. Still needs some last touches before it goes for an alignment, and a battery.
EVO has BBS wheels with worn Advans right now. It is amazing how rough and loud the cars is with those tires. The Falkens are much smoother.
Some of the following photos are from St. Pete. the rest Long Beach. Olivier is a wizard?

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