Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nelson Phillipe rigs up a special fire suit for the last real open wheel race in the US. Nice patches.

Lucky for NHL, the Champ Car officials and Tony Cotman are in charge of this race.

Okay, it's not the last real open wheel race. Atlantics, Star Mazda, Formula BMW, other SCCA sanctioned club racing, dirt modifieds and sprint cars still exist.

Apex is gone. I finished my capstone presentation last week and have a Project Management and Internal Combustion Engines finals left this week.

I got the Jacobson out today, it is doing very well.

Boston Marathon is on Monday, but I won't be there. The first year I went it was really hot. Now, I think it's always hot for the marathon. Cyndy says that this is wrong.

The name Apex came from This or That with Eric Gagnon.

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