Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kevin Johnson (retired point guard for Cleveland Cavs and Pheonix Suns and a Berkeley alum and Sac native) is running for mayor of Sacramento. He has the endorsement of the police mafia, so he has a chance of winning.

The A's won their second game in a row tonight in the ninth inning against Toronto to bring their average above 0.500--hopefully not for the only time this season. Maybe Marco Scutaro is still secretly on the A's payroll, as demonstrated by his ninth inning "fielder's choice" play giving the A's the go-ahead runs. The rumor is that Fremont can't afford to build a stadium for the A's (due to the subprime thingy) and that Oakland will have the A's through 2012.

Bleacher seats at the Coliseum are now $13 ($15 for premium games) up from $10 last season, while Plaza Reserved tickets went down to $9 ($10 for premium games), from $10 last season, for regular games. $1 hot dog Wednesdays are back this season after an absence last season.

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