Monday, October 30, 2006

Arrive in Daytona friday 11am, leave Daytona sunday 3:15pm.
The Speed GT race from Lagunda Seca is worth seeing. There were no goats though.
Buddy Rice?



Brownsey Family said...

You can see the entry list for Friday and Saturday testing at Daytona. There are two more tests, one in early December and the Second in early January.
November Testing Entry List

Nothing too exciting on that list except we still don't know who will drive with Pruett now that Diaz is with Fernandez. Also, Katherine Legge is listed in a DP with Robinson Racing.

Boris is running the Baja 1000

Allmendinger who?

Anybody seen Peter and Donnie. They ran away sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning. While they were here they were either eating or resting up for the next meal.


Brownsey Family said...

AJ Allmendinger, the driver with enough sense to not let his talent remain hidden in champ car.