Monday, October 30, 2006

I made the reservation for 1 room, 3 nights (January 25-28) at La Quinta. The total price is going to be $550 plus tax. This was the cheapest of what has vacancy and it will still be close enough to walk from the track to the hotel (a little less than a mile from the infield to the hotel, using google earth path tool) and it should also be close enough to to hear the race cars. Budget yourself for 2.5 miles from the airport to the hotel in case you guys want to save money and walk to the hotel or I am unable to be there for the pick up, so pack light, but dont go light on warm clothes.


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Brownsey Family said...

Both of Fernandez's race engineers (one of whom was technical director) have been hired by Dreyer and Reinbold. Fernandez laid off a total of 27 employees on Friday leaving 10 for the ALMS program. That leaves IRL with Rahal -1, Fernandez -2, and based on those hirings DRR +1. For a net of -2 cars next season. Those spots could be filled by a second Foyt car and a third Vision car.

Darren Manning is expected to be driving for Foyt.

Add Noah's favorite, Danica, to Daytona 24 in the same car as last year.

Alex Job is done with ALMS.