Monday, October 23, 2006

Speed is now showing last summers' Le Mans series races in a cut down 1 hour format. There was a GT1 Saleen that won at Spa, there was also a Ferrari 550 Marinello in GT1. Also two GT2 Panoz. If someone buys the Acemco Saleens and races them full time Gt1 could continue. Ford should build a GT1 Mustang 500 to replace the Aston's. All the GT2 Porsches in Eurpope this year were listed as 996's. I thought they used the new 997 in ALMS this year or was that Grand Am cup?
I will try and look into Daytona flights this week. I have to decide how many days I can take off from work for this.


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Brownsey Family said...

Why would Ford pay to develop a whole new car when they own Aston Martin? Nobody will run the Saleens fulltime because they are too expensive and old.