Friday, October 20, 2006

Justin Wilson injured his wrist in practice so RuSport will again run only one car, this time for Briscoe.

Bobby Rahal on David Letterman, “I would say that no one does more for motorsport in major media than David Letterman. He’s very knowledgeable. He is a sports car guy. Being at Lime Rock will be very nice for him." Rahal Letterman racing is fielding a GT2 Porsche in ALMS next season. Hopefully, Letterman brings his TV teeth to the race and not is weekend teeth.

Next year ALMS will enforce a new ACO rule saying that the fastest P2 car must be 1.5% slower than the fastest P1 car.

Both Acemco Saleens are on Ebay now 1 2

If you didn't get it before, that's three from Boston at Daytona.

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Brownsey Family said...

Very knowledgeble? On his show he spent a segment trying to explain that Robby Gordon isn't as talented as Danica. I'm still puzzled by his logic.
I am also puzzled as to how the Audi team is considered undefeated so far this year having lost overall to P2 cars.


Brownsey Family said...

I think that rule is 1.5% stupider than the car of tomorrow. I read about the Rahal/letterman 997 in ALMS. Somebody needs to talk to Mr. Porsche, Jerry Seinfeld about getting involved. I am disappointed to see more Porsches and no BMWs in GT2, although more cars is always good. It was nice to have the different body styles. The P1 class was the best it had been all year at Lagunda Seca. 5 cars and close competition.