Monday, October 23, 2006

This first message is for Joel. On the Rolex series website there is a test session at Homestead Miami listed for Dec. 5-6.
Also I noticed that most of the Grand Am cup races for next year are shown as split fields. Maybe they are anticapating even for cars for next year.
Our neighbor in the Willey house put a hillary sign up in front of their house. Ther are also now two UN flags flying on Old River Rd. The neighborhood is going downhill.
We went to Queens yesterday to get some bedroom furniture from Kate's Grandmother's house.
I did watch the ALMS race it was a good one. I have not seen the Champ Car race yet(wednesday) I did not see anything of the F1 race either.
GT1 class would be a bust without the Aston's.



Brownsey Family said...

If Aston doesn't run there will be no GT1 class. Corvette is not interested in keeping the program going without a competitor of Aston's caliber. However, the Aston team has always been very quite about there plans. It would be worth is for Panoz to run GT1 just to keep Corvette there, because they bring a lot of people to the races.

Also there are very strong rumors about a Cosworth powered team runnning ALMS.

From what I heard from Joel it sounds like Daly and Benjamin butchered the Champ Car race on Speed. They should dump those to and just use the international broadcast for Speed.

I've heard that Allmendinger will be replacing Elliot next week at Atlanta.

Peter and Donnie need to tell me their plans next weekend.


Brownsey Family said...

All testing is done midweek, I would go if they were on a weekend. I purchased the tickets for the Rolex 24. When booking plane tickets also consider Ft Lauderdale for Sunday night or Monday morning.

The champ car coverage had the usual DD comments that every driver is making huge mistakes but the on top of that the coverage missed a lot of the action and never went back to show us what had happened.