Friday, April 07, 2006

Champ Car Atlantic will be broadcast live at at 1:35 EST on Sunday, Speed will air the race the following week. Simon Pagenaud has the provisional pole... he is a French guy driving for walker, seabass helped him get the ride because he is French. Seabass is of course on the provisional pole for the CC race. Vasser got in the wall at the end of Q1 followed by PT. Dan Clarke with CTE racing(which has a really cool livery) impressed in his debut. Pizzonia 'had trouble with downshifts since he hasn't had to shift in three years,' and did poorly. The Champ Car field is very deep, and has no Speraficos. This is the best collection of drivers that American open wheel has seen in awhile. 29 Atlantic cars answered the bell at Q1 this weekend.

Also, I built a remote control in my electrical engineering lab that was able to operate from 148' away. That broke the exisiting record(this is the 4th semester this spec has existed). Last semester had a farthest distance of 99', and this year another group went 107'(Electrical majors). As reward my lab partner and I will get digital multimeters and our photos taken with our design. It was quite and exciting day. I'll post that photo as soon as I get it.

Good enough, talk later

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congradulations Paul- good work