Thursday, April 06, 2006

Massachusetts is working on making a law that says all residents must have health insurance. If you cannot afford it you can get government assitance. If you can afford it and choose not to, you would pay a penalty. I thought liberals didn't like to support "big corporations". Looks to me like health insurance companies are going to win big.
The new Grassroots issue is out. It is one of the best in a while. It is worth picking up.
I bought 20 cases of Pepsi today, through a deal with work. It was really cheap. I will send a few cases up to camp.


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Brownsey Family said...

This bill was signed voted on and signed very quickly and quietly. There were not details or information that it even existed before yesterday. It seems like something strange is goig on. Yay Pepsi, 31 Atlantic cars and drivers are in Long Beach this morning. However, it won't be on SPEED until next weekend.