Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm back and so is Barbara. I was thinking about how much trouble I would be in if I lost her. We had a tremendously good time. Mexico is a very nice country- good food, scenery, ancient ruins, and nice people. It wasn't as poor as I expected. I met some swell people- one young couple from Paris was traveling with HIS mother- what are the chances of that happening to me? And one older fellow, who used to live in Arizona, but now lives in a motor home in San Carlos, Mexico reminded me of my Dad. I saw an enormous Volkswagon factory in Pueblo and lots of plowing with donkeys. All the young Mexican woman dress just like Cyndy and Barbara.

On a sadder note- on April 4th, Aunt Jo had bypass surgery at Ellis hospital. It seemed to go fine, until Friday she went into a coma and the doctors haven't been able to figure out why or what to do about it.That's 4 days she's been unconscious.


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