Monday, April 17, 2006

Cyndy and I went to the marathon dealy... here is Cyndy.
The guy running won the race. This is about half a block before the finish line. We only got to the race about 2 minutes before the guy went by, so we had an obscured view. It's also really hard to tell what's going on because unlike racecars they don't make noise. You have to stand there and think 'is that the runner guy,' and then realize that it's a guy on a Piaggio, not a runner guy. This guy however, is a the runner guy and the jerk with the arm is obscuring a whole bunch of Kenyan fans on the other side of the street who were cool.

This guy may be from Canada.

These two fellows did not win the race.
These are people watching the race.
That's a lot of space blankets.

That's a lot of Gatorade.


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