Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend was almost a washout in Albany. Heavy rain both days. Chris and Megan visited and helped clean out the blue house and helped me move some big items. Megan slept at our house saturday night. It was Cameron's first sleepover.
We had some roof repairs done at our house last week and the whole garage roof was replaced. We are having some painting done to the garage and house this week.
The Daytona prototype race was pretty good a VIR today. Track seemed a little narrow when there was a big pack. It was rough early when the cars were bunched. End was good, last lap action. Alex Job racing got a win with a great late pass. The Grand Am cup race will be on next weekend. It was run in the race. I guess it was a big mess from start to finish.
Kenny Tremont won the Malta 100 lap opener friday.



Brownsey Family said...

very good finish, you don't see 3 cars battling for the win on the last corner of an ALMS race


Brownsey Family said...

Megan is still talking about her sleep over. Thank you for having her over night. We'll see if we can do th same this weekend.