Saturday, April 07, 2007

1. Tracy
2. Bourdais
3. Will Power (or Si Pag) Walker Racing is the new RuSport

1. Matos
2. Hinch
3. Skerlong

Lot's of good reviews about the track. Conquest has a second car in Vegas but didn't get a check from Pasterolli in time. That car will be filled by Portland. China will be after Surfers Paradise now. Gelles went from plans to field 2 Champ Cars, 4 Atlantics, and 6 FBMW to out of business in 8 months. First Data won't be title sponsor of vegas or phoenix, see their stock price for an explanation. Someone must have woken up Gummy Bear because he's quick all of a sudden and his car looks cool even though it appears to be giving you the finger.

Matt Halliday and Dominguez have the best looking cars. Minardi gets an F.

More good pictures

84 days in Cambridge

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