Sunday, April 15, 2007

The American LeMans race was decent. Not a great race. Both Dyson cars finished ahead of the Audi R10's. I think Rahal/Letterman should consider having Tom Milner drive the second stint at Houston. He seems to be getting into the habit of wrecking the car on his own without any help. Of course during the broadcast they spent 90% of the time talking about yellow cars and diesel powered cars. We can all sleep better knowing the Corvettes are using ethanol 10 this year. The Ferraris and Porsches are using "gasoline".
Too bad about PT. My picks for this weekend are not looking very good. Should be a good race anyway.


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Joel said...

In Milner's defense, at Sebring it was Rahal who damaged the car early on. At St. Pete he spun the car due to a rear suspension failure but never made contact with anything, while 3rd in GT2. The announcers never picked up that as the reason for his spin in St. Pete.