Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Houston will be on ESPN on Sunday at 3:30 (ALMS is tape delayed to next Sunday on CBS at 1)

The track has been resurfaced and changed a bit, so it won't be as brutal as last year. It should be fun because Servia and Dominguez will be racing for a seat. Which means MD will again place his car in the wall. Remember that Long Beach is always the worst race of the year.

After Houston, Champ Car will be off until Portland, June 10. PT will be back, Servia will be in the #3 Forsythe Indeck car this weekend.

Autocon won't be in Houston and will return for Salt Lake City with their new Creation/Judd. Cytosport isn't on the entry list either.

Cyndy and I probably going to Champ Car at Mont Tremblant.

I'd write about the marathon but it was raining and I was asleep.

Earth Day is on Sunday.

74 days of Cambridge.

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