Sunday, April 08, 2007

Remember Jonathan, Champ Car is on NBC at 3:30 tomorrow.
Don't plan on seeing any thing this exciting in the race. They tore up this entire area of the street- down to the dirt and repaved it over night.

Seabass caused a red flag after he hit a wall in during Q2 (lost his best time which would have had him in 5th). During the red flag Will Power had a transmission problem and also had to be towed to the pits. He would have lost his best time, but it wouldn't have mattered because he had another sub seventeen second lap in his pocket to spare.

Team Australia is strong and Si Pag will steal rookie of the year from Graham Rahal just like he got the Atlantic Championship. Rahal is already onto his spare car.

PT now has a personal sponsorship from Monster energy drink. He said he had trouble closing the deal in the off season because of the questions surrounding the series, but when the president of Monster showed up Friday he was so impressed with what he saw the deal was done by Saturday.

More people were at the Vegas track on Saturday then at the IRL race in St. Pete on Sunday. This is one of the best street courses in the world.

Nelson is still roaming the paddock looking for a ride as is Jan Heylan.

"April is the best month because it has the first three Champ Car races of the season."
-Me- Poet, Engineer, Reverend, Fortune Teller, Food Critic

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