Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The F1 race was really good. I din't see the whole thing because I got tired at 4am. The track is really cool. It must be the best looking race facility in the world. The layout of the track is cool too. I like the all the turns and the two straights joined by a 180.
The Champ Car race was also very good. I think when all the bugs (refueling) are worked out of the new car there will be some great racing. It would have been nice to see a few more cars competitive at the end, but overall good racing with lots of passing. I haven't heard any quotes yet but Seabass must be really slamming the new car. If he has a below average season it could hurt his plans for next year. It won't look good if he keeps blaming the car either. Justin Wilson also seemed to not have the handle sorted out. That car was all over the place, I hope he gets it sorted out at Long Beach.
ALMS gained a P1 car in the Long Beach entry list, not that speed channel will talk about anything other than Audi's, Penske, and Acura.


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