Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jonathan, watch the Champ Car race on Sunday: 3:30 NBC.

25 years ago...

Christmas 1998. Before the invention of the Christmas Hut (now known as the Patriot's Day Hut, unless some jerk took it down before Patriot's Day).

Cup of dirt.


Good(as in interesting) Champ Car article with Newman Haas Lanigan setting their tone for the season and Neil Micklewright being awesome as usual.

I walked back the LaRouche people today(they have had a table of propaganda on campus since I've been there), usually they have signs about impeaching Cheney and so on. But today they had an "Al Gore Food Drive," that consisted of a box full of African cabbage patch dolls. They were asking that you donate an African baby. They are very dedicated people. They are also interested in a bridge across the Bering Strait and fresh water pipe lines from the Arctic to Asia, South America, and Africa(based on reading signs over the past 4 years).



JSmith5780 said...

So is the trike picture 25 years ago? or the pic of Donnie and Peter? I assume the picture of D&P? Where were they taken and who's on the trike?

Paul said...

Peter and Donnie, 25th anniversary. Peter on the trike.