Monday, January 29, 2007

"Do I look like a movie star?" - Joel

After walking from the airport we went to Waffle House.

It was chaos as we fled Sonny's BBQ due to a fire in the kitchen. Will Turner ran to his car.

The Mexican media was in full force, here talking to Memo Rojas.

Cyndy and Katherine Legge during the grid walk.

The Gainsco spent a lot of time doing this.

La Quinta is Spanish for don't stay there.

Never had an issue with sideways pictures in old blobber.

"Do I look like a Movie Star?" -Noah

So our Daytona flight was cancelled so we were put in a taxi to Orlando. Spent the night in the Hyatt at the airport. La Hyatt is Spanish for 'way better than La Quinta."

-Good weekend except that I had to go straight from the plane to class and I didn't get home until 6:30.

Things that broke:
1. Sonny's BBQ kitchen
2. Armco barriers on the track(twice, needing extensive repairs)
3. Transformer at La Quinta(minimal electricity and no hot water)
4. Grass Roots tent fell down
5. Airplane

Good enough


Jerk said...

La Quinta is spanish for pretty much everything... except everything thats on the "La Quinta brochure".

Hotels must be fun with no electricity... I wonder who made the hotel arrangements.... hmmm...


Jerk said...

It sounds like there was more to the adventure than just the race.

Was Katherine Legge in the race?


Jerk said...

Why did the posting I just made start with jerk?