Thursday, January 11, 2007

The things I took notice of on the list for the Rolex 24 were Howard Motorsports GT entry (Nissan 350z) and Oliver Gavin with Dyson. On the Grand Am list there is Pierre Kleinubing listed driving an ST BMW Z4.
There are at least 10 solid DP teams that have a very good chance of winning. There are at least 10 teams that have no chance of finishing. The GT class is going to be a free for all. Of course Tafel and TRG have a good shot due to the number of cars entered. Banner usually comes prepared and I'm sure they have money from GM/Pontiac with them(where's the CTS-V?). Historically I like a Porsche in an endurance race. I can't root for Tags in the Mustang, but it would be cool for Ford or Chevy to win.
On the Topic of ALMS. Lots of new stuff this year last year it was R10 R10 R10. This year a lot of new cars/faces. It would have been cool to see a factory backed BMW Z4 M coupe. After all it is reaching a similar market as the Panoz. What ever happened to the Viper GT1 effort? There was one a Lime Rock in 2003. Not even a private team. There are a bunch of GTS-R's out there somewhere.


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