Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Master Schedule: Click to view, let me know if you want me to email you the .pdf version for easy printing.
The Cahill racing with Milka Duno IRL team was supposed to be announced today at Indy... but wasn't.

The new Peegeot is ugly, and how can the drivers see out of that thing? (Photos are on LMSR). I understand the are still debating whether to run Sebring, I had thought it wasn't considered at all.

Even worse is JV's new hair.

The R10 is a go for the entire ALMS season and Corvette and Aston are very likely.

The Daytona 24 entry list is here. 71 entries

The Koni Challenge entry list is here. 107 entries.

Too much to disect.


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Brownsey Family said...

I would like a pdf of this for conveneint viewing. You up there should go to the Watkins Glen Grand Am weekend, June 8-9. Paul and I went in June 2005 and it was well worth it. Noah should go to make up for the time he went there but saw no race cars. And Dad should go to get a more recent memory than the 1960s.