Monday, January 15, 2007

I just finished reading an amazing biography of Norman Rockwell. He is amazing- smart, sophisticated, generous, a high school drop out, born and raised in NYC, didn't move to Vermont until he was 46 and moved to Stockbridge 15 years later so his wife could be closer to the psychiatrist she needed. A surprising life story on many levels. It is a book I picked up when I went to the Norman Rockwell Museum about a year and a half ago and it was lost in the shuffle, until I started rearranging our bookshelves last week.

Now I am going to read Vikram Chandra's new novel, THe 1st 9 pages are good- there are 891 more to go. I see by the back flap that he is a professor at Berkeley- have you seen him around Rachel or Philip?

Paul, as our official blogmaster, what is this New Version Blogger? Are we behind the curve?



Brownsey Family said...

Vikram Chandra wasn't up at Lassen this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Whoever the page owner is has to change the blog over to the new version. Most users won't see a big difference, but Paul, who makes editorial/lay out changes will. Paul- switch, it is so much more user friendly.

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