Monday, January 15, 2007

We went camping and snowshoeing at Lassen Volcanic National Park this weekend. The National Parks Pass (formerly $50) has been done away with and is replaced by the Interagency Pass ($80), which covers all federal recreation sites, not that I know of any other agency sites that charge a fee that are nearby.

Digging in the campsite for a two-nights stay. The sky was very clear but the temperature only got down into the teens.

It is important to wear your puffy and eat lots to keep warm when the sun goes down. There wasn't enough snow to cover the bear cabinets. They made convenient cooking surfaces and storage containers.

There hasn't been new snow in two weeks and it was too icy to use our cross country skis, so we switched to snowshoes. Lassen Peak (10,457') is in the background.

At the end of the trip we thoroughly washed and sterilized the camping gear so it's nice and clean for next time!

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