Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Essential Christmas Blob Post

For the first time in years, Christmas was not ruined. Probably because Joel wasn't there to ruin it.

The most important photo from the weekend, second only to the win shot. I can't believe no one else posted this.

True, Mother went five days without going outside, but she did make good ice cream.

Really, inside for five straight days.

Between playing with his trains, father went outside plenty. Here, he is seen dramatically putting on his shoes.

Phil was there.

Designated sick person. Now she has an ear infection, it doesn't end.

The Christmas Hut was a huge success.

New slot car from Noah. I'll get some action shots later when I get the track back out.

The desk deally.

The bonus kitchen table with wheels... next to the evil dishwasher. Note: the dishwasher believes that iT Is iNdY

Cyndy's new mat.

New pillows from Grandmother alongside the newly framed portrait. In the front is the table I made at camp before with the leftover railing birch, some beaver sticks, drift wood, and the floor.

That is all,

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