Friday, January 05, 2007

The Essential Christmas Blob Post from Florida

My Christmas without family was not ruined because the only person I had to see on Christmas day was Emily. The holiday gave me some time to make it to the beach a couple of times, something I had not done since August.

Here we have the surprise graduation party. The party was not the surprise, the appearance by Emily was.

Here we have a few people; me, Cleo(Emily's sister), Peter(vice president of Chen), Emily, Adrianne, and David

Emily and I in Miami Beach.

Here I am at a friend's house for new years eve alongside Emily's parents and Emily's brother-in-law Ricardo with his new Doberman Pinscher puppy which he had his sister deliver to him from Costa Rica a few weeks ago. Apparently much cheaper to buy outside the United States if anyone is interested.

Juan Montoya was confirmed as a participant for the Rolex 24 race today.

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