Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I came home to find a parcel at my door.

They arrived in a bag packed in newspaper.

They are now settling in to their new home.


Jerk said...

I am not really understanding this whole worm thing.

is this a hobby?


Paul said...

I think worms are to California like Guinea Pigs are to Peru.

Jerk said...

that is a little disgusting... I didn't know people in california ate worms.

Jerk said...

It's more like a sanitation service.

Cyndy said...

I love your pet worms, thats so exciting :) What kind are they?


(P.S.- I know they are for compost...but still...)

Jerk said...

Eisenia foetida (redworms). They are capable of consuming up to their own weight in organic matter per day.