Sunday, February 12, 2006

A1Gp Indonesia will be on OLN next weekend. Here are some Indonesians. Here is Two Dninjas wrecking the Indonesian car on the first lap of the feature race. (there has been no explanation as to why Japan has returned to the series) Big Atlantics announcement on Tuesday with the unveiling of the new car. Paul Newman will also announce his 2(or 3?) drivers then, and expect a number of other driver announcements all week. It seems the Kevin Kalkhoven is doing as he said and keeping series announcements spaced out leading up to the season opener. Cyndy was in charge of getting Haymarket pictures, and she failed. She did get a picture of the sidewalk right outside our building. It seems like an odd demand, but to date I haven't started a war, so I guess I don't have to end one?

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