Monday, February 20, 2006

Had dinner with Grandma Saturday, she also visited my apartment, pictures to follow. Sunday I went sailing for the first time with my roommates' parents and sister on their "$150k 36' sailboat". I learned that out at sea rope is refered to as line. It is only called rope when docking. The boat traffic even way out in the ocean is almost as congested as the traffic on the highways down here. Between the "power boats", sailboats, fishing vessels, cruise ships, scubadiving boats, and "cigarette boats" there is a lot you have to look out for. I also learned how much sailing people hate "cigarette boats" for the noise disturbance they cause, I had to bite my tongue. I took the wheel of the sailboat for a while and also got to pull the lines for "tacking" or moving the "jib" sail from one side to the other for the purpose of turning around.


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