Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brownsey Family

This morning at 6:15 am I checked telelephone freeze alarm at camp and got a busy signal, tried again and got the same signal. This means that the heat is below 44 degrees. Something was wrong. I called Terry and asked if he saw BJ Queen in my yard Monday, because he was going to take the bad generator out and bring it to his shop. He said he saw tracks in my yard and would go over and check to see what was wrong with the heat. A short time later Terry called back and said there was no power and that he would start the wood stove. Both he and I called BJ Queen. By 8:00 am they had the power back on that they shut off when the bad generator was removed. It was 18 below outside and 41 in the camp. Terry checked again in the afternoon and everything seemed ok. The thing I am worried about is the washing machine on the cold outside wall. Any comments on BJ Queen Enterprises?



Brownsey Family said...

Never had this sort of problem at the old camp.


Ryan said...

so were u upset with the service he gave u

Ryan said...
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