Friday, February 10, 2006

Front of the sports section in the globe today:

Pretty decent article, except the writer said that a bus stop was a hairpin turn and that Daytona had many of them(bus stops). Regardless it's good to see road racing recognized on the front of the sports section.

Toyota Atlantic 2006: 15 confirmed drivers, with an additional 8 confirmed entries, and 10-15 additional entries likely. 24 confirmed cars at long beach, 34+ likely.

Vision will add a third car for Vitor Meira under the guise of Panther Racing with (a much reduced) Pennzoil Sponsorship. Think CART 2003. This puts IRL with 17 cars, the only team that may announce it's participation is Dreyer and Reinbold, which is working to field one car. It seems Tony George will have to finance in part any additional entries(like he did with Panther). It is doubtful that they will be able to double the size of the field for Indy.

Going to haymarket soon, will bring camera for fun pictures.

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