Sunday, February 19, 2006

Camp this weekend: big trouble.

Friday night Cyndy, Tim(her brother), and me went to camp, got there about 12. When we got there the generator was running but the power in the camp was off. Big trouble. I went around switching switches, knobing knobs, pushing buttons, opening secret compartments. Finally Cyndy got hold of one of BJ Queen's henchmen and we found the correct switch to switch and all was well again. The generator hummed through the night and we lived in TV luxury watching, trick your truck(big rig), American Turkey Hunt, and RFD TV. The next morning I watched the cattle auction on RFD TV, all black angus cows from Nebraska going for $2-3K.
Saturday brought Peter, Donnie, Noah, Kate, Oliver, Cameron, Howie, and Jo. Power wasn't expected to be restored until Monday. Big trouble. The generator was struggling as the day progressed lights dimming, Dad worrying. Then at about 11 the lights dimmed all the way for good. Big trouble. Noah, and I went to see the generator, and hit the manual start button. Klunk, click klunk, groan. Smoke poured from the starter, electrical style. Not good. Noah checked the oil. Big trouble. We looked at the exhaust and it had oil all over. Big trouble. We all went to bad, Dad never even got out of bed he was so sad. Sad dad. The next morning Noah drilled a hole in the ice to get water for the toilets via buckets. This isn't like the olden days when we had a 30 gallon water tank, now we have a 5 or so gallon tank. So no fresh water was readily available. BJ's henchman showed up and proved fairly worthless for a few hours saying the starter was bad. The starter was mad because it couldn't turn a stuck motor, but whatever. He left promising to bring another, smaller generator, at 8pm we gave up on his promise. Everyone except for the extremely old and extremely young went off to the Stillwater to play cards via wagon, but Kate forgot her wallet. Big trouble. So we turned around and while she went inside the lights went on. Noah honked the horn in celebration. Now we are using lights and whatnot. Paul did an excellent job keeping the camp warm with the wood stove. Whee! It's been cold and snowing, started off with just enough snow to ride. Traffic has been moderate. Very windy on the lake.


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Brownsey Family said...

I watched trick your truck for the first time friday too