Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tentative entry list for Sebring. http://www.mariantic.co.uk/lmp/sebring06.asp Audi hasn't said much about their plans except that there will be 2 R10s. One of those R10s maybe in Champion Audi colors. There is no news on any possible R8 entries. Hopefully, two Dninjas will be there but at this point there is no cofirmation. Japan has pulled out of A1GP at the end of it's deal with Shimoda which expired before the last race in South Africa http://www.a1gp.com/news/index.php?flashNavId=1&newsid=173. A1GP will be in Indonesia this weekend, but with our Two Dninjas, nobody will care. Walker racing is looking for funding to run a third car for Ryan Briscoe in partnership with team Australia. The Panther Racing auction ended today, three current spec cars were sold for 95, 120, and 124 thousand dollars each. The team also sold just about everything else in the shop including the coffee makers and the toliet paper. The cabinet with "paper products" that contained toliet paper and paper towels sold for $150. It looks like the team has 2 current spec cars left... maybe. The 2001 & 2002 championship winning car (that was unsucessfully on ebay) was purchased by Tony George last month.

Had curry saturday night. Going to camp President's weekend.


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Brownsey Family said...

The F1GP at Spa has been cancelled. This is the best race F1 had on it's schedule and it has been lost due to ongoing government corruption.