Sunday, February 26, 2006

Memorable weekend, a few things come to mind...
Best snow all season for boys weekend at camp;
Closed radialhead fracture for Kate (skating fall);
6 Hour emergency room trip for x-rays and sling;
Computer games for Oliver & Grandpa;
Mini Z tip & trip for Jonathan & Cameron;
Duct tape diaper for Oliver;
Model airplane & sewing for Oliver, Jonathan & Cameron.
"Orange tic tocs for Cameron & Oliver (Jonathan introduced his cousins to tic tacs)


Brownsey Family said...

Jonathan showed off both the sewing and the Corsair (which made it home in one piece). There is about 5 inches of light snow at home.


Katherine said...

Arm Update:
Doc confirmed crack in a bone near my elbow and patched me up with a splint the length of my arm and bandage. Follow up appt. in 10 days for another xray.
Overall, I am feeling good....just have an arm I can't use, that is sensitive, heavier than before and sticks out a little - quite awkward.

Brownsey Family said...

ouch. I hope it gets better soon.