Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finally news from Audi on the status of Champion, the R8 and the R10.

Champion Audi, Joest, and Audi Sport will be involved in the R10 debut race at Sebring. Following Sebring the R10 will go back to europe in preperation for LeMans. For the next three races on the ALMS schedule Champion Audi will run the R8 (Houston, Mid Ohio, Limerock). Then the R10 will return for the remainder of the ALMS races with Audi Sport with support from Champion. So expect the Factory Audi livery being run by Champion.

Also Patrick Dempsey will be the grand marshall at Sebring, maybe Joel can get his autograph.

On our way home last weekend we stopped at Mondi's and had food and bought some of there sauce. It is very very good.

Two Ndinjas was 19th fastest of 22 drivers in third practice at A1Gp Monterrey(still no explanation on why Japan has reentered the series). Graham Rahal born in Columbus Ohio(son of Bobby Rahal born in Medina Ohio (son of Mike Rahal also born in Medina Ohio(son of someone from Syria))), was 12th fastest for team Lebanon.

Update: Rahal, Dninjas and Carpentier will be starting 14, 17, and 19 respercively.



Brownsey Family said...

Kate would very much like an autograph.


Brownsey Family said...

Top Qualifying Times
At Monterrey
A1Gp 1:22.078(2006)
Champ Car 1:13.627(2005)
Atlantics 1:24.960(2003)
That Atlantic time is good enough to qualify 20th in A1GP, right between Carpentier and Indonesia.