Monday, February 13, 2006

Speaking of pets, Monday and Tuesday evening is the annual Westminster Dog Show live on USA Network. Peter and I always enjoy watching it and try to interest Paul's cat in the show also.

In racing news, Harlequin Romance has started publishing a new line of romance novels with a Nascar theme. The 1st one is out!

It is snowing here, very pretty. But, we got none of the big one. I think these huge storms should start being named as hurricanes are.



Brownsey Family said...

Got over a foot of snow. Went outside Sunday evening but it was cold so we went back inside. Went to the supermarket saturday evening before the storm because we were out of food. It was scary, there were so many people I had to go back outside and compose myself for a few minutes before I went back in. Cyndy wouldn't let me go home and give up. They ran out of eggs. I guess you really need eggs when it's going to snow, the bottled water took a big hit too.


Brownsey Family said...

Snow is a fact of life in New England. I say deal with it. The weather channel makes people out to be wimps.

Apparently you can throw eggs at snow.