Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brownsey Family
It snowed about 8 inches today. Jonathan drove to Bravo until his face shield froze up as it was snowing and 15 degrees.

Both kids are in bed early tonight Jonathan had a friend over Friday and then a full day of activities. Jonathan and I are probably heading to Stillwater Thursday 2/23.

We are thinking of getting a kitten next weekend. Is this a good idea? Megan and Jonathan really want a pet. I'm presenting the school budget this Thursday. Wish me luck.

Christine and I went to a Charity auction and dance last night. I didn’t get the Loudon tickets. Christine got a neckless as an early Valentines present.



Brownsey Family said...

You already tried a cat. You don't like them. Get chickens.

Brownsey Family said...

you are done with pets, but a cat would be the best choice

Brownsey Family said...

Rabbit is good, can live in house shed or garage. Cat no good for you. Sheep or goat also good