Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Champ Car:

NHL: Bourdaisy, Rahal
Forsyth: Tracy, Buddy Rice/Martinez
Conquest: Halliday
Minardi: Doornbos, Clarke
PKV: Jani (jonny), Gummy Bear
Coyne: Junky/Legge/Heylan/Dominguez/Servia (2 cars)
Rusport: Wilson, Dominguez/Servia
Rocketsports: Tagliani
Team Australia: Si Pag, Power
PCM: Dalziel, Figge

Expect another great field for Atlantics

Ranger is going to CASCAR this year.

12 confirmed drivers, 16 confirmed seats. Add second cars at rusport, forsyth or rocketsports or third cars at Australia or PKV to make 18.

Fully Sponsored Rahal announcement coming very soon, Tagliani sponsorship about to be announced. Pastorelli says he has a ride too.

St Pete Entry List

25 Entries, Still no Gunnar

This Weekend:

IRL: Kanaan
IPS: Stephen Simpson
P1: #1 Audi
P2: #7 Penske
GT1: #4 Corvette
GT2: #62 Ferrari
Nascrap: AJ does not qualify

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Paul said...

Rahal Confirmed, Dominguez confirmed at Forsythe(Only for first three races, so far). Rusport+Rocketsports=RSport(2 cars only)

Second car at Conquest or third cars at PKV or Team Australia will make 18.